Pop Art by Liz Kelly Zook

I create colorful pop art for those courageous collectors who like something a little different on their walls.

While my work is not directly influenced by Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein, it is influenced by pop culture. So my style gets compared to theirs sometimes.

The subjects for my pop art range from cultural icons to political statements.

Acrylic paints are my preferred medium for pop art. They dry quickly for layering and are more opaque using less paint.

I use outlines on my pop art pieces, because I like the way it controls the chaos of color. Black 2.0 from Culture Hustle is my preferred paint for the outlines on all of my pop art pieces. 

"[Zook] subverts traditional feminine roles with a slick pop art style that lightens the dark humor of what it says" - instagram follower

Available Pop Art Pieces:

© 2016 by Liz Kelly Zook. 

Nashville, TN, United States