I'm currently only accepting commissions for octopus paintings. 



12" by 16" = $192

18" by 24" = $432

24" by 30" = $720

30" by 48" = $1,440 (this is the size of my octopus painting)

Contact me for other size options.


  • I do not accept all commissions.

    • Consultations are free of charge through email.

  • All commissions accepted require a non-refundable deposit of half the commission price.

    • The other half - plus shipping - is due upon completion of the painting, before it is shipped.

      • You will have the opportunity to see the completed piece before it is shipped. (If, at that time, you decide not to purchase the painting you are not obligated to.)

  • Once the final payment is made there are no returns or exchanges.

    • Once the painting has shipped I am not responsible for travel time or damages that occur during shipping.


Minimum size for single commissions is 12” by 16” canvas.

Turn Around Time for Commissions is typically less than two weeks depending on the size requested.

To get started fill out the form below.

Commission Request

Please fill out this form to commission an octopus painting.

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