Welcome, Collectors!

There are almost 200 paintings in my inventory. That does not include the paintings that are currently listed on my website. These paintings are inventoried and stored. The problem is that paintings are not meant to be inventoried and stored; they're meant to be seen. 

My work wouldn't be what it is today without the progress and process of each of these pieces. In that way, they  are very important to me. And you are very important to me, because I would not be looking forward to a solo show in Los Angeles without each of you and the support youve given me over the years. So...

You deserve first dibs, as it were. In a few weeks--dates tbd; probably end-ish of March--I will have all of these paintings up for one last art sale. You have time to mark your claim on these paintings before anyone else will even be able to see what is available.

Hopefully,  you'll have had enough time to plan for the pieces you want. Each piece is going to be $20. Yeah. Seriously. Shipping will vary based on the size of the pieces.


Any pieces that are left will be in a physical art sale, or what I'm calling an "art bazaar", here in Tennessee sometime in April.

© 2016 by Liz Kelly Zook. 

Nashville, TN, United States

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