I'm Liz. I'm an Artist.

I was a professional pop art from August 2016 until July 2020.

I am not classically trained, but have a lifetime of experience creating. 

I use acrylic paints for their quick drying time and easy layering. 

I like bold, illustrative lines, because painting them brings a feeling of peace and the lines control the chaos of the vibrant colors. 

I am influenced by pop culture, comic books, and anything that makes me laugh.

I create art as both a reflection of the world around us and a respite from.

My work serves as a way for me to forge connections with other people. When you share the things you enjoy with others it connects you to them; creates a bond. And in that way,

we are all connected.


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© 2016 by Liz Kelly Zook. 

Nashville, TN, United States