Are You Claiming Your Space?

  Or Just Living In It?

So many of us, especially women, are afraid to truly take up space--even our own. We use our space to live in, but we don't used it to its full potential; which is to empower and inspire us. 

Our homes and our workplaces are extensions of ourselves. We shouldn't just settle to be comfortable in those spaces. We should celebrate them and make them expressions of who we are and what we want to accomplish. 

That's where my art comes in. Sure it's poppy and fun to look at, but it is also very much about taking up space when the world is telling you to just take what you're given. It's strong in color and in subject.

It demands to be looked at.

It claims its space.


Now... how about you? 

© 2016 by Liz Kelly Zook. 

Nashville, TN, United States

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